Like lambs to the Laughter… the Apprentice returns

Yes, the cast of my favourite Pantomime is reassembling.  The Apprentice.

Every year in the UK, coming up to Christmas, a group of wouldbe entrepreneurs re-enact this traditional play – attempting to become the sidekick of a Super-rich man.  It is the “Britain’s Got Talent” of the business world.  See them run in high heels, watch them trying to impress…. it entertains me.  Not as much fun since the departure of the steelly eyes of Margaret and Nick – but still, worth the watch.

The strange thing is, the candidates once more appear to have spent all their time rehearsing lurid and ludicrously overexaggerated similes to describe themselves…. yet appear to have not watched the programme before.

Screen shot 2016-09-29 at 17.23.06.png

(still from programme’s BBC website)

Easy?  When you see what they have gone through in previous years, it’s hard to believe that this young wouldbe apprentice has viewed the programme.

Once again, the contestants will be asked to do similar tasks as in previous years: put together a fastfood stand, create a popup shop, find best priced items from a list of 10, get best bargains in another country and culture, provide a messy muddy service (for which they never have thought to pack a pair of wellies), design and shoot an advertisement, provide a people training experience or service.  And yet, year in, year out, those who have said on camera that they are totally obssessed about winning and getting the chance to work for Lord Sugar – profess that they are astounded when asked to do similar tasks to the previous year.  It is like exam contestants starting up in surprise when given last year’s exam paper.

No doubt they will find new ways to fail and succeed.  We shall see, series begins 6th October.





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