BBC Masterchef – the Professionals

This is one of my favourite TV programmes in the UK – where professional chefs compete for the title.  Tonight, as usual, they began with a skills test – where the chefs are asked to make a particular dish, without any warning or preparation. They simply walk into a TV studio where an assortment of ingredientsContinue reading “BBC Masterchef – the Professionals”

Video projection on the streets

“A Wall is a Screen” is a fun project to take projectors at night into the city and project onto well known walls. Sven Schwarz “A Wall is a Screen”, Hamburg in this video shows working in Toronto.  He explained their project’s idea: “To use public spaces – or space you would know in theContinue reading “Video projection on the streets”

New year present

for the frighteningly well-organized, who already have Christmas sewn up and are itching to buy New Year presents for friends with a relaxed sense of humour who are not easily offended (and I realise this may be quite a small market)….. this may be a cheery gift to give: It is available for £11.95 (plus shipping)Continue reading “New year present”

Sea and Seamus

Today I discovered both this poem and this sea based fused glass sculpture (“Crashing Wave” by Helen Grierson).  They seem to belong well together.   Postscript And some time make the time to drive out west Into County Clare, along the Flaggy Shore, In September or October, when the wind And the light are workingContinue reading “Sea and Seamus”

Today’s Thing of Beauty – glass

Now and then I find “things of beauty” which are simply that – I don’t need to buy them, but just to look at them is a joy. Today’s is this: on the front page of the website of Helen Grierson:   Helen works with fused and stained glass – and does workshops if you’reContinue reading “Today’s Thing of Beauty – glass”

Planet Earth and Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer, master writer of gigantic orchestral scores for films, here works in harmony with David Attenborough’s “Planet Earth II” footage. A flight across the Alps. (Tech note: You will need Flash Player software to play it.)  

Knitting humour – it’s a niche market

Knitters – I mean, true, obssessional ones, have a passion for fibre and a rich culture all their own. In this video, my favourite tip is near the end – if knitting with light coloured yarn, drink white wine, rather than red…. But the queen of standup comedy for knitters is Stephanie Pearl McPhee –Continue reading “Knitting humour – it’s a niche market”

Knitting- funky bed cover

Totally love this stunning design – seen similar elsewhere, tried to knit the squares – epic failed. On my list of try-again projects when I have spare time to try, fail, scream, eat a compensatory bar of chocolate, try again…..  

Happy New year card…

James Brown – not the soul singer – but the wonderful printer who has produced some lovely retro style linocuts e.g. …has now branched into seasonal cards with the help of Malissa Brown – I highly rate this new year design (6 pack of cards for £10)