Video poem: Sport and Poetry x 2

Round One: Now here is an interesting poetry performance – a sports personality reading a poem – A BBC commentator, Mishal Husain, lined up for presentation on the Olympics.  In my opinion, it is (whisper it) a not very good reading as it wins for diction and scores low on passion.   How odd that sports commentatingContinue reading “Video poem: Sport and Poetry x 2”

Broken promises/lives/fabrics

Fabric as truth teller. “Broken Treaties” by Gina Adams is a display of quilts showing treaty promises made (and broken) by white settlers to Native Americans.  Gina herself is descended from both sides of this divide. If the lettering looks hard to read on the pattern…. this is intentional.  Gina found the words used difficultContinue reading “Broken promises/lives/fabrics”

Wait – Galway Kinnell (2 mins)

The poet wrote this poem for a student contemplating suicide after a failed love affair. For some unknown reason, the runup to the poetry reading has a distracting phistly white noise sound – but persevere, the poet and his reading are crystal clear, thankfully. One of the strengths of poetry is its compactness for conveyingContinue reading “Wait – Galway Kinnell (2 mins)”

UK favourite piece of music is….

Each week for 75 years, one radio programme has been broadcast on the BBC: Desert Island Discs.  The idea of the programme is to invite people of accomplishment (some of whom are celebrities, others experts in their field such as brain surgery, human rights lawyers) – to talk through their favourite 8 pieces of music, tellingContinue reading “UK favourite piece of music is….”

Shortest poem?

I just came across this intriguing video answer to that question. First of all, I need to say that the presenter is slightly too inTENse in the WAy he spEaks. But don’t let this put you off, the content is interesting, cooky and sometimes plan daft, with many examples.  Persist in viewing if you’re interested in wordsContinue reading “Shortest poem?”