UK favourite piece of music is….

Each week for 75 years, one radio programme has been broadcast on the BBC: Desert Island Discs.  The idea of the programme is to invite people of accomplishment (some of whom are celebrities, others experts in their field such as brain surgery, human rights lawyers) – to talk through their favourite 8 pieces of music, telling their life story and why they like each piece as they go.  Finally, they are asked to imagine that they will be cast away upon a desert island with only ONE of these piece of musics, only ONE book (as well as the Bible and Shakespeare) and ONE luxury.

When the public were asked their favourite piece of music, one came top: the Lark Ascending.  This is a classical piece of music, and makes me think that the audience asked were probably aged above 50 and confirmed BBC Radio listeners (as it has an entire channel devoted to classical music: Radio 2).

The BBC programme have put together a 5 minute animation about this poll and why people like the music piece – which is lovely – but unfortunately I can’t share it directly – just point here –

and say it’s worth going to see!

Separately, here is Nicola Benedetti playing the piece.



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