“Let’s fill this town with artists” – CASS ART

Have you ever felt you wanted to start being more creative and explore art – stepped brightly across the threshold of the local art supplies shop – and been plain bewildered and overwhelmed by the choices in there?  Suddenly discovered that everything is clearly labelled – but in an arcane, weird language which makes no sense?Continue reading ““Let’s fill this town with artists” – CASS ART”

Pencil sculpture – Gareth Reid

The recent winner of the Sky Art “Portrait Artist of the Year” works fundamentally in graphite and charcoal.  The effect is of a monumental sculpture, yet flat 2D. Born in Belfast, Gareth Reid studied at Glasgow School of Art, University of Ulster and Florence Academy of Art. He now lives and works in Glasgow. Previously aContinue reading “Pencil sculpture – Gareth Reid”

Electrical tape art

The recent “Portrait Artist of the Year” competition (Sky Arts) makes fascinating viewing.  Many of the portraits are done with the expected media of acrylic or oil paint – but there were some surprises along the way, including the use of electrical tape. (see below)   The eventual winner works in the medium of pencilContinue reading “Electrical tape art”

Writing poetry with Rita Dove

Rita Dove is someone who is easy to listen to – but has the smarts to say interesting things with even simple language – she is a poet, former US Poet Laureate. “Every time I sit down to write I try to feel that I’m starting over. It’s all new. It’s all fresh, and I’mContinue reading “Writing poetry with Rita Dove”

Phoning it in – poetry

Stumbled across this today on the blog Julie Unplugged: “10 smart ways to use your phone to improve your writing”   Listen to conversation around you and capture rich/true dialogue using your audio recording setting. Take photos, especially those surprise images to write about later. Once you set the intention to be surprised visually, you’ll spotContinue reading “Phoning it in – poetry”

Highland Photographer: Iain Sarjeant

Professional photographer Iain Sarjeant takes wonderful photos of a range of life in the Highlands of Scotland: trees, winter abstracts, land and light, colour and form, a sense of time, human places… worth popping over to his website for a look.  You may just find yourself buying a photo directly…. http://www.iainsarjeant.com/

Lego compatible tape – aids animation

Great news for all animators with Lego… there is now an adhesive tape which has one side able to attach to Lego blocks.  Looks like this.  2 rolls for $11. Possibly also of interest to parents who have had the exquisitely painful experience of standing on lego bricks strewn around the floor – here’s anotherContinue reading “Lego compatible tape – aids animation”

Comedy writing – ways in (UK)

When you aspire to be a writer, the person you really want to hear from, is someone who has been in your shoes, but managed to strong-arm open the door of opportunity and is now paid to do what you’d love to do.  (Although I suppose it would also be fun to hear from aContinue reading “Comedy writing – ways in (UK)”