“Let’s fill this town with artists” – CASS ART

Have you ever felt you wanted to start being more creative and explore art – stepped brightly across the threshold of the local art supplies shop – and been plain bewildered and overwhelmed by the choices in there?  Suddenly discovered that everything is clearly labelled – but in an arcane, weird language which makes no sense?  Asked for advice from the sales person only to be given advice which conflicts with what a friendly artist gave you previously and, panicked, slunk out with your best guess at what you needed, but with a sickening sensation in your bank statement that you had probably bought the wrong colour/shade/tone/paper/brush/brand/type of materials?

Reader, I have.  However, hope springs afresh as I’ve just heard of a place which gives me hope to step across a paint supplies threshold once more…


So CASS ART is an idea whose time has come – they don’t just provide a gigantic range of materials, also all the staff are artists and specialists in different media, so you can get advice.

AND they provide evening art classes, so you can learn.  Of course, in turning up for art classes, you will likely need to buy more materials and so need the services of a good art supplies store… so it makes sound business sense.

Where are they?

LONDON – Charing Cross Road, Kensington High Street, Soho, Islington, Hampstead, Kingston


What are they like?

Pentagram, the major branding company, described them, attractively, as:

“It is a combination of a candy store and a hardware shop”.

Pentagram?  Who?  I’m glad you asked – more tomorrow…


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