Quirky Ceramics Painting

Enjoying the work of James Ward, aka Jimbobart particularly on plates:     … and there are doormats… a welcoming masked panda or a vaguely threatening cat (“I’m so sorry Mr Bond, but my villainous sidekicks must kill you – it’s in their job description”… is what I imagine him saying) Jimbobart’s works are available toContinue reading “Quirky Ceramics Painting”

“I think Modern art lacks affection”

What an astounding observation by Ian Hamilton Finlay: “I think modern art lacks affection”. It was made during lunch with an artist with whom he maintained an exchange of letters and pictures – Graham Rich.  I know this from the 34 minute video talk in which Graham talks about the shared love of boats with IanContinue reading ““I think Modern art lacks affection””

Poetry Pilgrimage: Little Sparta

Two days ago, I went to Little Sparta, Scottish home of poet Ian Hamilton Finlay – whose garden contains words set in stone, playful and very often anti-war symbols – a place of imagination with 300 word/art works. “The garden functions as a political statement…. it suggests that as it is possible to transform thisContinue reading “Poetry Pilgrimage: Little Sparta”

New Generation Animators

This short video by Monocle films theorises that people are a bit fed up with the smooth automation of computer animation – and appreciate the handmade aesthetic of stop motion. To prove it, they show 3 women animators – Vera van Wolferen, Lucie Sankova, Daisy Jacobs, working with wooden model houses, painting scenes on glassContinue reading “New Generation Animators”

Lighter Friday: Safety with tools

Can YOU spot the 2 safety errors made by Reg Prescott, as he works in his DIY shed?!  (The character in this Friday’s ‘health and safety’ film – ahem – is created by Kenny Everett.) As usual, please note the dangers you can spot, in the comments section on this blog post.  If they are notContinue reading “Lighter Friday: Safety with tools”

Sound Sculpture – Janet Cardiff

Janet Cardiff heard a musical piece and immediately saw it as a sculpture. “Our ears are designed for 3-dimensional sound… the soundwaves hitting your body from 40 separate speakers in such a pure way, really affects you emotionally.  If it’s the right space, it really reverberates within your body”

Cooking and Art

Cooking with J W Turner, Rachel Khoo composes a pickled treat. Sitting in the gallery, she sketches ingredients suggested by the picture, works on them in her kitchen – and eats the result (see video by Tate Galleries, below)   Creative Takeaways Having watched the video – is there a favourite picture/painting you have? HowContinue reading “Cooking and Art”

Linocuts into body art temporary Tattoos

Tian Gan, a graphic designer is experimenting with making her linocut and rubber stamp works into temporary tattoos.  Form an orderly queue please, no shoving at the back. The 2 different style sheets you can choose from are: Appropriately, these items are found on her website filed under “other awesomeness“: http://gantian.se/shop-other The tattoo sheets areContinue reading “Linocuts into body art temporary Tattoos”

Thing of Beauty – Silver Jewellery

Don’t ever say I don’t point out luxurious beautiful things which you don’t need but will fall in love with, and find you need: http://www.emmaginnever.co.uk/ Emma Ginnever produces just such beautiful jewellery – some of it bespoke for weddings, much of it just gorgeous gifts…. for others, or for yourself, depending on the amount ofContinue reading “Thing of Beauty – Silver Jewellery”