Quirky Ceramics Painting

Enjoying the work of James Ward, aka Jimbobart particularly on plates:



… and there are doormats… a welcoming masked panda or a vaguely threatening cat (“I’m so sorry Mr Bond, but my villainous sidekicks must kill you – it’s in their job description”… is what I imagine him saying)


Jimbobart’s works are available to purchase in Liberty’s London or online, on his website http://www.jimbobart.com.  They are quirky, without being at all cloyingly sentimental – there’s a kind of a feel of “The Wind in the Willows” book here.  If you fancy purchasing some for someone else, who has a particular animal they like, his work features cats, dogs, badgers, pandas, brown bears, foxes, penguins, otters – some in underpants and cape, others in full human well-dressed clothing (see “Mr Geography Teacher” stackable coffee cups).

my very favourite plate (although let’s be clear, I’m not the biscuit bandit in the house – cake yes, cheesecake definitely – but biscuits not so much


Creative Takeaways

Obviously, we’re not all skilled graphic designers, but we can still be inspired by Jimbobart.  Here’s a wee video of how you can do some personalised ceramic designs with a ceramic pen, design and carbon copy paper.  Inspiring…

NB: For designs to put on plates and bowls to eat food from, you will need to research which products can be used in this way.

Painting and Party

And for truly simple, fun handpainting gifts try booking a session at a paint/glazing pottery studio, where you can book the time, buy the blank ceramic of your choosing (plate or jug or bowl or mug etc) and they will supply all the paint and materials, fire your finished piece and have it ready for collection a few days later.  If you enjoy this – and it is totally absorbing and therapeutic for even the stressedout – you could also choose to do some pieces with a friend or hen party or kids’ birthday party.  (For the unconfident artist, they do have sponges which you can dab in paint and apply).


Above are some home pics from a friend’s birthday party, where four school friends who now meet up infrequently got the chance to meet and catchup chat while making.



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