6 tips for Writing Comedy from Script Editor

These tips for writing comedy come from Andrew Ellard, an English comedy writer and script editor who has worked on hugely popular British TV sitcoms such as “Red Dwarf” and “The IT crowd”.  In the video below, he’s giving advice about writing sitcom – but much of what he says will help us writing comedyContinue reading “6 tips for Writing Comedy from Script Editor”

Inspiration – response to Creative prompt

How do you make an artwork based on inspiration? I grumbled to a friend last night.  “It’s like trying to make a painting about painting.” Inspiration – I think of it as breathing – like respiration is breathing – inspiration is a breathing into, and I see the word spirit in that.  And thinking ofContinue reading “Inspiration – response to Creative prompt”

Getting poetry published (3) in Poetry Magazines

Some excellent advice for new poets here, from Claire Askew, in the Scottish Poetry book trust post here. 1. Write lots of poems – Claire chose 41 poems to put in a book from an original pile of 150 poems.  That improves the quality of the chosen ones.  Also, when submitting to a journal, andContinue reading “Getting poetry published (3) in Poetry Magazines”

Health & Safety: using Mobile Phones

Friday again; another opportunity to pause and consider information from a short health and safety film which could come in useful.  Today’s lesson is: safely using a mobile phone within the house.  This is demonstrated in this brief Channel 4 film by Father Ted and Father Larry Duff.

Getting Poetry Published (2) Zines!

Zines – are informal, booklets of loosely themed photos or text (can be brief poetry) – pretty much hand printed, hand stapled, passed around.  Instead of waiting for a publisher to notice your brilliance as a poet, you can print small zines – ideally with your own or a friend’s photos or illustrations to addContinue reading “Getting Poetry Published (2) Zines!”

Getting Poetry Published (1) Little Magazines

Been Musing (geddit?!) on how to get poetry published in magazines: large magazines, zines or little magazines. Little magazines are poetry journals of small circulation or which were only printed for a few issues – a run of 2 years would be extraordinary.  Circulation numbers could be as small as 7 (a student writing groupContinue reading “Getting Poetry Published (1) Little Magazines”

Screenwriting Masterclass: Phil Lord and Chris Miller

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, screenwriters or producers on such diverse projects as “The Lego Movie”, “21 Jump Street”, “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs”, TV’s “How I met your Mother” (3 episodes), “The Lego Batman movie“…. give a masterclass on screenwriting and producing.  They break it up really well.  So although they speak forContinue reading “Screenwriting Masterclass: Phil Lord and Chris Miller”