Video Diary: NaNoWriMo

So National Novel Writing Month is nearly here.  What’s it like to work through the goal of writing 50,000 words of your novel in November? Kristina Horner shows us her 8th year’s experience of the programme – in only 7 minutes. This video is a kaleidoscope of emotions in the life of a young person.Continue reading “Video Diary: NaNoWriMo”

Advice to novel writers

Just what we need for November, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) – or whenever the decision to first draft a novel strikes – some very useful writing tips recorded online.  BBC World Service radio has made available an entire series called “Writing Time” – each episode a 13 minute recording. Topics covered include: advice for aspiringContinue reading “Advice to novel writers”

Loiterer’s Soup

I call this Loiterers’ Soup, because I make it from vegetables loitering in the fridge/vegetable rack – before they turn to malingerers… With a little chop chop and flinging into a saucepan of vegetable stock, they become gradually transformed into a rich, Autumn soup. If left unused for another few days, their quality would deteriorateContinue reading “Loiterer’s Soup”

poetry film connections

You don’t go very far in looking at the arts before realising they are in constant conversation, inspiring one another.  Here is an example of a film/poetry connection – film maker Jim Jarmusch‘s tribute to the New York School of Poets, especially John Ashbery. More recently, there has been an increase in the working betweenContinue reading “poetry film connections”

ordinary love poem (under 2 minutes)

When Frank O’Hara, poet with the day job of curating in the Museum of Modern Art  (New York), writes a love poem, it naturally mentions a great deal of art – as well as something as simple and everyday as sharing a fizzy drink. Creative Takeaways: Write daily.  This is good practice and gets youContinue reading “ordinary love poem (under 2 minutes)”

Humorist, Photographer, Earthling

Terry Border describes himself as “Humorist, Photographer, Earthling” on his website. As well as the photo series of books with wiry limbs (see featured photo above this article) he is also a punning facial hair model:  – this is part of a series if you have a friend with facial hair which you would like toContinue reading “Humorist, Photographer, Earthling”

Quilting and the Community

OK, so this is a video hosted by giant company Google, applauding Youtube – BUT it’s still an amazing turnaround story: economically devastasted couple and village rejuvenated by – quilting classes online:  Missouri Star Quilts. Long before I saw this video back story, I had seen Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt company in actionContinue reading “Quilting and the Community”

I want to be exhibited! if only…..

Brooklyn Art Library keeps a collection of sketchbooks submitted by drawers/painters like yourself.  You, yes you.  They take them and exhibit them for you.  Yes, you. Sign up by January 5th, 2018 for next year’s challenge. Send a sum of money to get a sketchbook sent to you, fill it, return. 2018 themes to chooseContinue reading “I want to be exhibited! if only…..”

Creativity and Spirituality

Erwin McManus wrote the book “The Artisan Soul” – when asked to sign it, he often writes “Dream. Risk.  Create.” Today, I’ve been energised by his short inspirational video here. “Creativity takes incredible courage – to live out your most creative self, to live out the core essence of who you are as a human being,Continue reading “Creativity and Spirituality”