Tidy Desk with Marie Kondo

As ever, I stumble upon something wonderful after everyone else…. take, for example the comedy of “The marvellous Mrs Meisel” – which has won multiple awards, run for 2 full series on Amazon Prime and… I just discovered it a few weeks ago.  Eagerly, I advocated it to a good friend – who responded wearilyContinue reading “Tidy Desk with Marie Kondo”

“You should buy art because…

… you like the thing you’re buying.” Quote from clothes Designer, Paul Smith, in this engaging film about buying art.  He buys across a wide range of artists and price ranges, impulsively, in reponse to the pieces.  And this is what he personally advocates as a buying technique. Youtube video by Sotheby’s   Creative TakeawayContinue reading ““You should buy art because…”

Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night: Teatotallism

This being a Friday, once again, we welcome our resident Health & Safety Film Expert to the podium. Professor Mal Archaic: Thank you very much.  Yes, tonight we broach a subject not for the faint-hearted: the perils of tea drinking.  If you are startled by the sound of sudden laughter in social settings, brace yourself.Continue reading “Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night: Teatotallism”

Review: Laura Boswell at Birch Tree Gallery

If you’re intrigued to see prints of the Scottish landscape made with Japanese woodblock techniques – or linocut – and printed on an English Victorian press – then you need to see the work of Laura Boswell. (She is currently showing in Edinburgh, in the Birch Tree Gallery , alongside groups of delicate, diminutive porcelainContinue reading “Review: Laura Boswell at Birch Tree Gallery”

Power of Story

Does it matter what we read?  Does it matter that we read?  Is there any power in someone writing?  Will the life of one person, written down, affect someone else? I found a fascinating example in the words of an English teacher trying to teach in a school with gang warfare: Erin Gruwell.  It’s beenContinue reading “Power of Story”

Health & Safety – clothes

COMEDY: Friday night is Health and Safety Film Night here at ,& where we turn over the page/station/magazine/blog to a certain Prof Mal Archaic for an evening.  The fact that he is a figment of our collective imagination does not deter him from turning in a faultless performance as an overly-conscientious academic. Professor Mal Archaic:Continue reading “Health & Safety – clothes”