Before writing a nonfiction book…

So you want to write a nonfiction book?  Here’s where to truly begin: market research what is selling already. Start Here Youtube is awash with video advice on writing – it seems like many of us do firmly believe the old adage that everyone has a book in them. Out of the many wannabe Advisors,Continue reading “Before writing a nonfiction book…”

3 minutes -Writing Tips: Cory Doctorow

In just 3 minutes, Cory gives a handful of useful tips for writing:   these include: write 250 words a day (approx 1 page) and that will be the length of a novel, over a year train yourself to write anywhere and everywhere, resist developing a particular place and circumstances before you write write evenContinue reading “3 minutes -Writing Tips: Cory Doctorow”

Beginning Art Criticism: Brian Sewell

Brian Sewell is a legendary English art critic – in 7 minutes, he gives useful starting points for looking at art, whether for professional work or personal enjoyment:    Go into a large gallery and find one picture which makes you pause.  Spend time with that one. Compare the same theme done by different artistsContinue reading “Beginning Art Criticism: Brian Sewell”

An afternoon with Nora Ephron

Have you read Nora Ephron?  You’ve probably seen her films: “Sleepless in Seattle”, “When Harry met Sally”, “You’ve got Mail” perhaps even her older film “Heartburn”.  However, she wrote witty short journalistic pieces on life as she experienced it, about her friends, full of her love of food, sociable dinners, her kids and her thoughtsContinue reading “An afternoon with Nora Ephron”