Editing: cut out unnecessary words

Aaaah – that moment when you finish writing an article, a book chapter, a film scene, a report – for a second, it is perfect.  Then you look to revise and edit – and when you look, there is plenty of fluff to cut out.

I recommend this presenter, iWriterly, for flagging up a whole stream of words to find/replace (or just cut out).

This is particularly helpful as I had just wasted 8 minutes of my life watching another presenter’s youtube video on the same subject, which gave me many new words for the problem (crutch words… echo words…) but without mentioning specific words which are a problem.

Thanks to iWriterly’s very specific video, I now have vastly extended my range of repeating words to look out for. – up to nearly 50!   Plus, she gives mostly good examples of “before” and “after” sentences correcting needless weak words.  (The poor example would be talking of crochet needles – note plural – you only use one crochet hook at a time, if you’re using needles, you are knitting).


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