Poem out loud: Walking for water

A brief poem, read concisely – down to earth, but makes you think of other people and places. Find more poems from Lydia in her poetry pamphlet “The History of Walking”, published Happenstance Press, this year (2019) for £5. Creative Takeaway If you write poetry and wonder what it would be like to be publishedContinue reading “Poem out loud: Walking for water”

Edith & her 8 Oscars

She won 8 Oscars, over a 50 year career in films – AND is suspected to be one of the most likely inspirations for Edna Mode, the cartoon clothes designer in “The Incredibles”.  Hardworking – she claimed to work 15 hours a day for 6 days a week. Here she is, in person, interviewed, presentingContinue reading “Edith & her 8 Oscars”

First 10 comedy pages

If you want to write comedy for the UK market – you’ll want to hear this podcast: Sitcom Geeks.  In a recent episode, (No. 126) there is great specific advice on making the first 10 pages of your script outstandingly good. Sitcom Geeks is a fortnightly podcast by James Cary (Miranda) and Dave Cohen (HorribleContinue reading “First 10 comedy pages”

Terry Gilliam

Animator, Python (Monty Python’s Flying Circus) and film-maker, Terry Gilliam, was invited earlier in the year to select favourite films. Given the run of Criterion’s DVD Closet, he excitedly chose: Yojimbo RIFIFI The complete Jaques Tati A box-set of Ingmar Bergman 8 1/2 (which he says is a great truthful insight into being a Director)Continue reading “Terry Gilliam”