Poem out loud: Walking for water

A brief poem, read concisely – down to earth, but makes you think of other people and places.

Find more poems from Lydia in her poetry pamphlet “The History of Walking”, published Happenstance Press, this year (2019) for £5.

Creative Takeaway

If you write poetry and wonder what it would be like to be published and give readings from your work – try reading out a piece, slowly and carefully like this poet.  Lydia Kennaway is a cellist and understands rhythm, tone and performance.

If you would like to see your poems published in a pamphlet, then do look up local pamphlet publishers near you on the internet, find what they’re publishing and how to be considered.

If you’d like to know some trends in poetry writing by up and coming poets, check out the Happenstance blog, where the reader and Publisher lists trends (usually irritating to her and potentially other poetry editors).