FILM: Emily Dickinson “A Quiet Passion”

I’ve just emerged, blinking, into daylight from spending/wasting 2 hours with Emily Dickinson in “A Quiet Passion” (director: Terence Davies). If you’re intending to watch it: sit in a fully darkened room so you can see what’s onscreen in the gloom don’t try it as a date night don’t watch it (unless you love IngmarContinue reading “FILM: Emily Dickinson “A Quiet Passion””

WRITING: Book Launch Successful

As a writer, I am delighted to find the “Book Launch” podcast by Tim Grahl, who helps authors build their platform and market their books.  Here’s why: Tim has had 5 authors in the NY Times bestselling booklist in the same week there are episodes on so many useful topics Tim comes across as a decentContinue reading “WRITING: Book Launch Successful”

FOOD: Poor Man’s Feast

Clara, who came through the financial Great Depression in America, shows us how to cook with very simple ingredients, as were used then. Along the way, she talks of how people coped then, with imagination and simple enjoyments. This is a wonderful antidote to today’s frantic, consumer society and throwaway culture. Everything in Clara’s kitchenContinue reading “FOOD: Poor Man’s Feast”

WRITING: Getting a Literary Agent….

Written a book and want to query with an agent?  The email accompanying your book proposal should be short and simple – advice from Bookends Literary Agents in this 8 minute video.   All through February, Bookends Literary Agency will be giving advice on how to approach an agent with your manuscript – dos andContinue reading “WRITING: Getting a Literary Agent….”

Frankenstein Handwriting

It’s possible to see the workings of a writer’s mind through manuscripts of how they wrote – e.g. Mary Shelley drafting “Frankenstein”

Church living space

Combining old Italian church, minimalism with industrial staircase – Massimo Vitali takes us around his home.  (Massimo is an Italian photographer but has previously worked as a photo journalist and movie camera operator.)   Massimo doesn’t directly say that he gives large dinner parties, but he opens the fridge with a nonchalent “The Fridge isContinue reading “Church living space”