WRITING: Book Launch Successful

As a writer, I am delighted to find the “Book Launch” podcast by Tim Grahl, who helps authors build their platform and market their books.  Here’s why:

Tim Grahl
Tim Grahl, “Book Launch” Podcast
  1. Tim has had 5 authors in the NY Times bestselling booklist in the same week
  2. there are episodes on so many useful topics
  3. Tim comes across as a decent bloke not a cold-eyed fast-talkin’ man in a suit screaming “sell sell sell!”
  4. each episode is beautifully concise and short (some under 20 mins)

Find the podcast direct from his website here or via your usual podcast supplier.



Here’s a quick glance at just some of the (nearly 50) podcast topics:

  • Where do we start?
  • Identifying your ideal reader
  • The Single most important thing to do
  • Essential elements of an author website
  • Should an author have a blog?
  • Dealing with multiple genres and pen names



The author firmly believes that a person buying and reading their book is a good investment of the reader’s time and money

(This may sound obvious – but according to Tim, authors too often find it much easier to believe that someone else’s book is worthy of time and attention.  When asked about their own book, they sheepishly shuffle their feet and say “Eh wellllll……..”.  Understandably, all this promotes in the listener is uncertainty that the book is worth getting.)





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