Unknown Women

Let us now praise unfamous women – on Tuesday, poet/performer Gerda Stevenson painted lively portraits of strong women as she read from her book of poems about Scottish Women, in the richly adorned historic central room of the Scottish Portrait Gallery.  In a brilliant mix of place, voice and performance, she read from her book, tellingContinue reading “Unknown Women”

Thespian struggles with opening an unenveloped piece of paper….

Actors Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty are merely beginners in fluffing reading lines from an opened envelope… (as performed at 2017 Oscars) Gifted actors can struggle with smaller tasks…. cue Phyllida Law, actress on this clip, watch the last minute, from 1 minute 30.  

5 minutes with Stephen Fry (2009)

  Quite. Possibly. The only person you’ve seen interviewed who warms up for it by quoting in Greek (the slogan for the US Post depot in New York). Stephen Fry’s brain is a kind of encyclopaedia or Super Curator, which draws from a huge variety of sources of information, of culture, of history, and thenContinue reading “5 minutes with Stephen Fry (2009)”

from panic into possibility

The film “Silence” opens soon in cinemas in the UK – Andrew Garfield has a great personal story to share about being scared at messing up and getting through that: it’s before his first public performance after drama school – and it’s in the Globe Theatre. “It’s about two hours before and suddenly, I feelContinue reading “from panic into possibility”