Animation: Shake a shoe, Osbert Parker

Jazz music, clothes and animation.  This blog loves a mashup of various artforms and life – worth viewing the video “Clothes” by clicking on this link which will take you to a video.  (It’s not possible to embed the video into the blog post due to copyright viewing restrictions)

Phenomenal to think that all of this began life as a pile of laundry on Osbert’s flat floor.  This contemporary animator has also produced adverts for high-profile clients such as Coca Cola and Nike.  See his MTV video animation against racial stereotyping to see how powerful animation can be:



Osbert Parker

In this interview (in English, with Spanish subtitles), Osbert Parker speaks about animation and how students need to learn their own ‘voice’ thought becoming aware of the world around them and what they respond to.



You can find out more about Osbert Parker on his website:


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