Poetry/wonder (Lucille Clifton 1936-2010)

Happy Birthday, poet Lucille Clifton.  We celebrate you; your arrival and what you made, in the time that you had. “The mistake teachers sometimes make is that they think art and poetry – they think that’s about answers and it’s not about that, it’s about questions.  So you come to poetry not out of whatContinue reading “Poetry/wonder (Lucille Clifton 1936-2010)”

Rolling back the years, Pulling back the Covers

Okay, pop trivia fans. There will now follow a list of 8 songs which, allegedly (opinions may differ) are cover songs. BUT who were the originals??? “Red red wine” UB40 was originally recorded by……  Freddie Mercury “Great Pretender”…. Sinead O’Connor “Nothing compares 2 U” Mamas and Papas “Dream a little dream of me” Limp Bizkit “BehindContinue reading “Rolling back the years, Pulling back the Covers”

Why is Art Important?

… asked the Tate – and people wrote in their comments in droves – see what I mean (and they mean) at this snappily named link: https://www.khanacademy.org/partner-content/tate/get-started-here/welcome-to-tate/a/the-big-question-why-is-art-important?qa_expand_key=kaencrypted_ce3456e07cd3320c93452ff5b9232b5d_1a2e68367de176d005ca37573f0908646a1e25bdcabb029bfadd18872d538e1416a64c6e38f7572c43346e088571a520e3fb8f250c9aece54c341f7c409df271240c7ac84691d4c7ecdd7105cd9c343759674ee1cea22115aa8cb2a8ee1d0269a26ea133e96595bd56bc3c23cb1fe2702b3b911358ca76cf985b93428fa1308f469e8b9c1cb964d4bd16d2e9050c148ba9a78bc696d0a1233d2943c0751178167dad1684df405dd39289a54a5c26e3179be03d5de4000370045f5936f3203c79