Rolling back the years, Pulling back the Covers

Okay, pop trivia fans.

There will now follow a list of 8 songs which, allegedly (opinions may differ) are cover songs.

BUT who were the originals???

  1. “Red red wine” UB40 was originally recorded by……
  2.  Freddie Mercury “Great Pretender”….
  3. Sinead O’Connor “Nothing compares 2 U”
  4. Mamas and Papas “Dream a little dream of me”
  5. Limp Bizkit “Behind blue eyes”
  6. Robbie Williams “She’s the One”
  7. Atomic Kitten “The Tide is high”
  8. Bjork “It’s o so quiet”





  1. Neil Diamond
  2. The Platters
  3. The Family
  4. Ozzie Nelson (1931)
  5. The Who  (when? 1971)
  6. World Party
  7. The Paragons (1966) and, later, Blondie
  8. Betty Hutton


And now that you’ve answered those 8…. do you feel warmed up and ready to tackle another similar 72 questions??!!

(answers proposed by maker of the video at end of this blog entry).  I don’t know the answers myself, I am simply relaying the video.  If anyone is disposed to be litigious, please direct your attentions to the maker of the video, publicly viewable on Youtube.






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