Suddenly the lake – Rosalie Gascoigne

Rosalie specialised in assemblage – putting together pieces of abandoned wood, paper, household goods – and putting them together in exciting, intuitive ways.

Married at 25, with 3 children born in quick succession, she was a bored housewife, uninterested in displaying the ‘perfect’ home – but she walked a great deal, gathering objects in nature which interested her, and displaying them in her home, to the amusement and bemusement of her conventional neighbours.

This 5 minute videos tells of her life and shows a large 4 part assemblage, “Suddenly the lake”

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Roy de Maistre – painter, Australian

His name sounds French, but he was Australian. He studied art and music at the same time, and from this, worked out a way to link musical scale to colour. Then converted to Roman Catholic and painted many pictures based on his faith and the Bible. I like this still-life in the Tate, for its vibrancy of colour and shape. I particularly like the … Continue reading Roy de Maistre – painter, Australian

Food Photography to make you dribble

“What Katie Ate” is a blog which became a book. And when you look at the pictures online, you can see why.  If you are trying to eat less, do NOT read this blog.  It will make you suddenly very very hungry.  Check out below… or buy the books “What Katie Ate” and “What Katie ate at the Weekend” The writer, Katie Quinn Davies … Continue reading Food Photography to make you dribble

Australian painter: Grace Cossington Smith (1892-1984)

I had never heard of this woman painter before – despite having a copy of the excellent “Women Artists” by Nancy Heller – which is a great starting-place for finding out about many unsung women artists. In Australia, apparently, there are examples of her work in most major art galleries. However, the Antipodean world will hear more about her in a 2016/7 touring exhibition: O’Keeffe, Preston, … Continue reading Australian painter: Grace Cossington Smith (1892-1984)