Suddenly the lake – Rosalie Gascoigne

Rosalie specialised in assemblage – putting together pieces of abandoned wood, paper, household goods – and putting them together in exciting, intuitive ways.

Married at 25, with 3 children born in quick succession, she was a bored housewife, uninterested in displaying the ‘perfect’ home – but she walked a great deal, gathering objects in nature which interested her, and displaying them in her home, to the amusement and bemusement of her conventional neighbours.

This 5 minute videos tells of her life and shows a large 4 part assemblage, “Suddenly the lake”

But to truly catch the sprit of the artist, watch this 7 minute video interview.  Laugh with recognition as she describes the art world churning out the same work over and over again.  Be amazed with her, as she unexpectedly comes into art success in her fifties.  An interesting life lived with quiet adventure.  A great example of sudden opportunity and stepping up to the challenge.  Unshowily, unemotionally inspiring.



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