Gerald Scarfe: Audio Cartoons

Gerald Scarfe, well known UK political cartoonist, whose artwork appeared for decades in the satirical magazine “Private Eye”, 40+ years at the Sunday Times, 20 years in the New Yorker, made a pop impression in Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” album, on British stamps of Comedians, on backdrops for major Ballet and drama productions – hasContinue reading “Gerald Scarfe: Audio Cartoons”

Writing for the Simpsons: Be Funny – every day!

Joel Cohen has been writing for the Simpsons for 18 years.  He did an interview on this – perhaps to help publicise his book “How to lose a marathon”.   For comedy writers and fans it’s an interesting glimpse into the world of writing comedy, for an internationally successful cartoon series.

Cartoon view of Medieval Art

Roz Chast takes us through her favourite type of art at the Met – Medieval paintings.  She has a distinctive eye and commentary.   Roz brings her humour to the pictures and a strong sense of where the artist is not quite sure if they’re good enough to draw certain parts of the picture –Continue reading “Cartoon view of Medieval Art”

Getting in Creative Flow – Stephan Pastis

Cartoonist Stephan Pastis tells us (in under 3 minutes) how he gets in the creative flow for his work: He noticed that when he writes emails, he can’t do it when there’s music playing – so worked out that his reasoning mind is shut off by the music.  So, to use the other side ofContinue reading “Getting in Creative Flow – Stephan Pastis”

Lighter Monday: Doodles

Some doodles to practice to brighten your paperwork? Cartoonist Stephan Pastis, draws characters he’s created: Seeing them drawn from scratch, bigged up, may help to doodle your own characters. Today’s creative prompt is “Right”. How about putting a new character of your own into a situation using that word?

How to get your cartoon into the New Yorker magazine

Bob Mankhoff gives a (21 minutes) TED talk on what cartoons are likely to be the accepted 18 out of 1,000 sent in, weekly.  As cartoon editor, he is the man who chooses which few make the cut. Bob himself was once an aspiring cartoonist who wanted to have his cartoons in the New YorkerContinue reading “How to get your cartoon into the New Yorker magazine”