Cartoons Exhibition: at the Oxymoron Museum with John Atkinson

Always one to darken the door of an art exhibition, and having curated two myself, this diagram, spotted on Twitter this morning, made me laugh.  Delightful.

Plan of Oxymoron Museum
categories of display at the Oxymoron Museum

John Atkinson, drawer of this cartoon, has his work exhibited in Time Magazine.  There’s a reason: it’s clever, perceptive and give you a smile or roar with laughter.  (Which, after all, is what we want from a cartoon).

You can follow John’s work at his website Wrong Hands.

Here are a few more gems:

The Problem (unstated)

Cartoon by John Atkinson
by John Atkinson


Screen shot 2018-01-25 at 13.14.53
by John Atkinson


Why is the cartoon strip called Wrong Hands?

I call it Wrong Hands for two reasons. One, it’s a play on the idiom when something “falls into the wrong hands” — you never know how it might be perceived or interpreted. And two, I’m left-handed and I draw all of the cartoons directly on the computer using my right hand.

– John Atkinson, interviewed by Cheri Lucas Rowlands for WordPress


Intrigued? Find out more

By reading the page long interview for WordPress, right here.


Thank you

to John, for giving permission on his blog to share his cartoons, as long as his blog/website address is given, under Creative Commons.



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