Poem Challenge Day 2: Disguise

Write about a disguise...... If you want to see what others make of this challenge, if you go to here, you'll see various poems written on disguise.      


1 Nov, Day 1 of Poetry challenge


Can you write a poem, today on the topic "NEW DAY".  This is day one of the PAD (Poem a Day) challenge for November. If you're taking part, interpret that how you will, and write a poem. (If absolutely uninspired by this given topic - I know I'm finding it a bit obvious, cliched and …

Not another writing prompt!!

In 10 minutes, if you want the writing practice, scribble about... Write the passenger safety instructions card for a time-travel machine. Chosen for your delectation and delight from: http://blog.ed.ted.com/2015/11/17/21-fun-things-to-write-about-in-10-minutes-or-less/

3 pm writing prompt

Okay.  10 minutes to write about.... If you were given one extra hour today and you weren’t allowed to use it for anything you’d normally do (e.g.; eat, sleep, etc.), what would you do with that hour?