7 reasons to write a poem a day in November

Just heard about this – minutes away from the 1st of November – a Poem-a-day challenge to write in response to a prompt – then make the best poems into a chapbook (poetry booklet) of 10-20 page before midnight 15th January.  Challenge by Writer’s Digest.


Why Take Part?

  1. Why not?  There is no entry fee, no requirement to even post that you intend to do this challenge.
  2. Because someone else is deciding on the prompts, you are very likely to find yourself writing about topics you don’t normally tackle.  Fresh ideas.
  3. The strength of the idea is in the increased practice in writing – it simply makes for sharper skills and more developed sense of smell for what works.
  4. it helps you find your own voice – you will be looking over a body of 30 poems – so easier to spot patterns and approaches.
  5. The person who sets the challenge has received notes from writers who took part, saying that they eventually printed some of the poems written in that November challenge – or that it formed the basis of a collection.
  6. It’s probably still easier than NaNoWriMo
  7. The thrill of the challenge.  Stepping into the unknown.


Full details of the challenge here.


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