sketching landscape with Nina Weiss

Nina Weiss is a confident art teacher via video.  Over 3 videos, she shows how to draw a coloured pencil landscape from her own photo.  Here’s the first video:

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Colour, textiles, art – Sheila Hicks

I’ve already posted an article on Sheila Hicks earlier in 2017, but I just came across fresh evidence of her adventurous colour palette and soft touchy-feely art.  There’s a playful inviting fun in her Venice Biennale giant pompoms – see this 3 minute video:   and her simple but gorgeous wall piece in a formal company meeting room: As you approach the work, you begin to … Continue reading Colour, textiles, art – Sheila Hicks

Highland Photographer: Iain Sarjeant

Professional photographer Iain Sarjeant takes wonderful photos of a range of life in the Highlands of Scotland: trees, winter abstracts, land and light, colour and form, a sense of time, human places… worth popping over to his website for a look.  You may just find yourself buying a photo directly…. Continue reading Highland Photographer: Iain Sarjeant

Paul Klee and McKee

In the same day, I came across some lessons on art from the famous Paul Klee – at the same time and place as a glorious coloured painting from Paul McKee, “Headland”:    Paul McKee is an art teacher as well as freelance artist – and his blog pointed out some free lessons on becoming an artist by Paul Klee, posted by Sarah Gottesman … Continue reading Paul Klee and McKee