KNITTING: Release the Chickens!

Fun fact: Hue Loco is an indie dyer who makes some of her yarn in collections called “Backyard Chickens”, based on the colours in the hens and roosters in her backyard.


Can you name the chicken related to each colourway shown below?!


The answers are on her website on on the video which I watched, from 3 minutes 20 seconds in:


New Word

In her video, the presenter mentioned a word which sounds to me like an accidental mix of words into a new one – talking about providing extras in the packs of themed wool in her knitting club, she says that they’re based on love of chickens and knitting and are:

a marriment of both

which sounds to me like a delightful mashup of “marriage”  and “merriment”,  Love it!  I don’t know if this is a local phrase or one just made up, in the moment when you have a microphone in front of you, and you’re aware that people are listening, your brain can skip a gear.


Creative Takeaway

Take a wee walk around your back garden or a local park.  Go with sketchbook and pen – and draw or record the subtle shadings in nature.

Use these as a jumping off point for a new preparatory work, not necessarily a finished product, but a practice.  Like playing your scales for a pianist/composer.


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