Delicate colour palette bigged up

When a muted palette is spread over huge flat surfaces of canvas, to form giant walls of series of paintings, the effect is somewhat like another world.  Painter Jessica Zoob is here making and looking at the remarkable size of her art.


Creative Takeaway

If you normally create in small-scale, try bigging it up.  If you write a short story, try the “On the Road” style of  Jack Kerouac – who apparently sellotaped huge amounts of paper together and then just began typing and kept on.  A computer screen is similarly unchallenged in length – you can type a sprawling remembered saga of adventures, keeping going as long as you can.  Then leave it for a day before reading it back and tweaking.

On the other hand, if you usually work big, try writing small.  If you usually write a full-length film script, write just one scene.  Or if you paint full-height canvases, make something very very small.

Afterwards, reflect on what you learned from the experience.


Artist signs inside tongue

Artist Caroline Ashwood licences sneakers to be make in patterns from her colourful paintings and signs them inside the tongue.

Screen shot 2017-04-16 at 14.02.19.png


High Top Canvas Sneekers (Signed by Caroline Ashwood)


Contemporary art opportunities

If you are interested and working in contemporary art – whether making the art, curating it or writing about it – then this website should throw out some opportunities for work anywhere in the world.

Screen shot 2017-01-24 at 12.41.08.png

For example: residencies, travel funds for young makers of short films, open call for art in international festivals…..