Highlands Scotland contemporary jewellery

HP Jewellery makes contemporary lovely metallic accessories, in the middle of Inverness, Highlands, Scotland.  Yet available online.

I have completely fallen in love with the cufflinks in the featured photo which should be appearing at the top of this post.  In case it doesn’t, I append it again – otherwise my deep appreciation will seem a mystery.

contemporary silver jewellery, Scotland
Wave Cufflinks, HP Jewellery, Inverness

I don’t wear shirts with cufflinks.  But if I did, these would be on my Most Wanted list.  And available online, Mr Santa Claus, baby.

Hands up (in unshirted sleeves), I have to confess a personal connection – that I only became aware of this jeweller because a friend of mine has joined its workforce.  But I still think their handiwork qualified as my today “thing of beauty”.  Because – well, it is.

Porcelain and silver earrings


HP Ri-0008wg
White Gold “glass” textured ring, narrow

This ring is amazingly priced – if you saved £1 a day for a year, you could afford it.  What an intriguing thought.  A little savings box, just for jewellery and ba da bing, suddenly you have the luxury of a Jewellery Allowance!






Creative Takeaway

Get a used, clean jam jar or lidded tin – and start saving to buy handcrafted goods in whatever format you like – pottery, jewellery, glass etc.  Then empty the savings pot when you see something you know is special to give to yourself or someone else.  Makes it more ‘affordable’.  Because handcrafted is always more expensive than mass-produced.  In this way, you encourage the skills of craftspeople and honour their trade.



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