Sew, how are you?

Clare Hunter has researched a book (Sunday Times Bestseller and serialised on Radio 4 as Book of the Week) “Threads of the World Through the Eye of A Needle” and written a fascinating article in the Guardian newspaper – on how sewing can help with calming and coping with difficult life conditions, such as beingContinue reading “Sew, how are you?”

Baking Calm

Seattle-based Oh Honey Bakes made this enticing recipe to celebrate St Valentine’s Day this year, on her visually sumptuous blog. At the same time, the blog post (link below) speaks to the deeper movement in society at that time, the unsettledness of international relations. ¬†And also to the baker’s personal anxieties, with her beautiful remedyContinue reading “Baking Calm”

Now there’s a thought….

  I just randomly came across this in a talk by Thomas Reibke on, believe it or not, Silence. He gamely avoided the elephant in the room which would be someone standing up and querying why he wanted to teach us about silence by speaking…. I’ll now have a moment of silence while I thinkContinue reading “Now there’s a thought….”