Baking Calm

Seattle-based Oh Honey Bakes made this enticing recipe to celebrate St Valentine’s Day this year, on her visually sumptuous blog.

Screen shot 2017-04-28 at 16.50.10.png
See, I told you it was a scrumptious blog….

At the same time, the blog post (link below) speaks to the deeper movement in society at that time, the unsettledness of international relations.  And also to the baker’s personal anxieties, with her beautiful remedy

“When I’m stressed or life is feeling out of control I retreat to my kitchen and the comfort of predictable chemistry, it’s one of the most effective ways I’ve found of dealing with the anxiety and bouts of depression I’ve faced for years. Sharing the delicious things that emerge from that process with you is like life springing from an unexpected place, a light shining into so many dark corners.”

This blog entry for vanilla meringues with dark chocolate ganache, rounds up with an exquisite, calorie-free, hope-dipped 34 word verse by the poet Hafiz.  Worth popping over to the website to visit, at:

And where did the name from Tiffany’s blog come from?

what’s with the name? My sweet great-grandmother called everyone ‘honey’ and never met a person she didn’t like. She never said hello, she said ‘oh, honey!’


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