Ceramics craft and Fine art: Fiona Byrne-Sutton

What do you see in this featured photo of one set of Fiona’s ceramic works?  (My answers at bottom of this post). Here’s a brief taster of an article in Craft Scotland – full version here. she’d like her work to be on show at the new V&A in Dundee, Scotland (currently being built) she makes freestanding ceramic assemblages very influenced by medieval art in … Continue reading Ceramics craft and Fine art: Fiona Byrne-Sutton

Thing of Beauty – Silver Jewellery

Don’t ever say I don’t point out luxurious beautiful things which you don’t need but will fall in love with, and find you need: http://www.emmaginnever.co.uk/ Emma Ginnever produces just such beautiful jewellery – some of it bespoke for weddings, much of it just gorgeous gifts…. for others, or for yourself, depending on the amount of love and bank balance you have. Dear Santa: if any … Continue reading Thing of Beauty – Silver Jewellery

Creative Prompts for August

Feel you want to write or draw something, but just not sure what to tackle, today?  Or want fresh warmup challenges?  Sketchbook Skool have given a challenge a day for August! What do you mean – it’s a little bit late telling us this, August has started already?!  Do I hear dissension?  Verily, I raise a quizzical eyebrow. But wait – let’s find the positive … Continue reading Creative Prompts for August

Scandinavian home craft

Lotta Jansdotter has a worldwide reputation for handprinting patterns which are used on textiles, notebooks and household interiors.

“Can’t find what you want?  Make it!  Don’t know how?  Learn it!” is how her website describes her pragmatic approach, much of her printing based on simple potato cut prints, in repeating patterns.

Screen shot 2017-06-21 at 11.28.44.png

Her fabrics are stocked by Windham Fabrics but you can learn the techniques of Continue reading “Scandinavian home craft”

Billy Collins – 2 poems at the White house

These 6 minutes with Billy Collins are gently amusing and real and affectionate.  They are life and art in conversation – and it’s chat rather than an academic highbrow discussion. By the way – do not adjust the lighting on your set – the poet begins to speak in deep darkness until someone appears to put another 50p in the meter at the White House, and … Continue reading Billy Collins – 2 poems at the White house