Collecting your thoughts

What would happen if you did a little sketch daily?  Or a little sentence?  And what if you didn’t hide them in a notebook, but PUT THEM UP on a wall, to see?

I found this artist’s video interview today – she is talking about her exhibition (on urban decay) but she could have been talking about the price of pickles in aisle nine – my whole attention was riveted on what was hanging on the wall – 190 tiny paintings, pegged up in lines.

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1 Nov, Day 1 of Poetry challenge

Can you write a poem, today on the topic “NEW DAY“.  This is day one of the PAD (Poem a Day) challenge for November. If you’re taking part, interpret that how you will, and write a poem. (If absolutely uninspired by this given topic – I know I’m finding it a bit obvious, cliched and bland – then do an experimental dip into Poetry Foundation … Continue reading 1 Nov, Day 1 of Poetry challenge

October – daily Creative prompts

Continuing the experiment with creative prompts from Sketchbook Skool.  Here are your daily challenges for October, should you choose to accept this mission. Sketchbook Skool is an excellent provider of online drawing classes – find this list above and more info on their courses over at:   Creative Prompts – what? Creative prompts are a trigger, a starter, a warmup.  The idea is that … Continue reading October – daily Creative prompts

Creative Prompts for August

Feel you want to write or draw something, but just not sure what to tackle, today?  Or want fresh warmup challenges?  Sketchbook Skool have given a challenge a day for August! What do you mean – it’s a little bit late telling us this, August has started already?!  Do I hear dissension?  Verily, I raise a quizzical eyebrow. But wait – let’s find the positive … Continue reading Creative Prompts for August

Daily Discipline of an artist

Henri Matisse was a prolific artist – his firm daily discipline during his time at Riviera was: dawn: Club Nautique: row in canoe for 2 hours practise violin in apartment 9 a.m. start painting.  Work 3 hours. Lunchbreak.  Nap.  Then write correspondence – family and friends. 4 pm Restart painting, paint til daylight fades Draw with pencil by artificial light Dine (6 days a week) (from Richard … Continue reading Daily Discipline of an artist