Animation: Shake a shoe, Osbert Parker

Jazz music, clothes and animation.  This blog loves a mashup of various artforms and life – worth viewing the video “Clothes” by clicking on this link which will take you to a video.  (It’s not possible to embed the video into the blog post due to copyright viewing restrictions) Phenomenal to think that all of thisContinue reading “Animation: Shake a shoe, Osbert Parker”

Fashion, Art, dance, music

Here at ,& we are all about the arts mixed, and the arts mixed with life – hence our tagline “,& the continuing conversation between life and Art”. So we love this. Tracie Cheng‘s drawings on flowing fabrics, dance across a field in fashion by Arret Studio, Shanghai. Video by Derryck Menere. Subtle, beautiful, moving.Continue reading “Fashion, Art, dance, music”

“Dance is like thought”

Helen Keller, the famous blind/deaf writer, visits Martha Graham‘s dance studio rehearsal and responds. Although without hearing and unable to see, she responds with joy to a singer (holding her hand to the singer’s throat and cheek), drums and the sensation of the floor moving under her feet and the whoosh of the dancers circling her.Continue reading ““Dance is like thought””

Dance and Visual Art – London

This weekend coming (10-12th November), the National Gallery, London will have dancers from Siobhan Davies Dance, led by Lucy Suggate.  The dance artists will be resident in the Gallery, researching how performance, choreography and movement can enhance understanding and engagement in visual art. A free event. Over the course of the weekend, you’ll be able to drop inContinue reading “Dance and Visual Art – London”