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What fashion is for… Pierpaolo Piccioli

“You don’t need a new bag or item; you need new emotions and new dreams – and that’s what fashion is for” – Pierpaolo Piccioli – Valentino creative director



Film Festivals to submit to this month…


Irish film Director – Graham Jones – wikipedia pic

Made a film?  Looking for where to show it?

Check out this list for international film festivals deadline submissions in next 4 weeks….

New York! Alicia Keys, Nora Ephron

The city.  A song. Energising.


The film “You got Mail” is firmly sited in New York, written and directed by Norah Ephron. One of the joys of having it on DVD is that you get to see one of the extras which is Norah explaining how she wove the different sites of the city into the film.

You get a few minutes of this right at the start of this interview – fascinating to hear how a writer of humorous columns developed into a screenwriter and then a director – lots of say about career choices and experiences along the way.  It is 23 minutes long – but at least listen to the first 5 minutes.  If you are a writer, you may want to see all of it.

10 film-making tips: Terry Gilliam

He who animated the pictures on the Monty Python shows, who filmed “Brazil”, “Time Bandits”, “The Fisher King”, “the Adventures of Baron Munchausen”…. lo he speaketh.

Long story long, there is his autobiography, which he calls his “me-me-me-memoir” and published 4 months ago.  (Judging by which he is beginning to look like Orson Welles…)tgwbook2.jpg


Or long story shorter, here are his 10 tips based on what worked for him:

  1. Growing up is for losers
  2. Film School is for foolssearch.jpg
  3. Auteurism is out, fil-teurism is in
  4. Put your ideas in a drawer.  Take them out as needed.
  5. All you’ve really got in life is story
  6. Command the audience with your lens
  7. Nothing can defeat a director who is one with his actors
  8. Surround yourself with improvisers
  9. Directing is not for the faint-of-heart.  Or the sane.
  10. Be an enlightened despot

Ah – but what do all those mystical soundbites mean?


Full story an explanation is over at the article from which these 10 ideas were extracted, in Filmmaker: