14 tips for new TV comedy/drama writers

The tone of this seminar at Xponorth2017 was very positive – some advice specifically for Scotland but generally useful for UK writers. Main advice for new writers: Look at the website BBC Writersroom for writing opportunities in BBC but also theatres When there’s an open call for submissions, send in your scripts. Keep sending them your work so they get a sense of your writing … Continue reading 14 tips for new TV comedy/drama writers

Creativity healing

Just read an excellent article on the website theconversation.com about how creativity is a natural way for the brain to help process trauma.  Trauma by its nature is overwhelming – so the brain cannot deal with and store what is happening in the usual way.  With normal events, memories are stored using words:   “This makes it easy to recall and describe memories from the … Continue reading Creativity healing

Paying a visit to Jane Austen GU34 1SD

Jane Austen’s House Museum is the only home in which the writer lived, which is open to the public.  Here, she spent the last eight years of her life, revising earlier manuscripts, writing new works. This is the 200th anniversary of Jane’s death, and so there are many special events on offer.  These include an exhibition of “41 objects” celebrating her life.   Tuesday 20 June … Continue reading Paying a visit to Jane Austen GU34 1SD