Paying a visit to Jane Austen GU34 1SD

Jane Austen’s House Museum is the only home in which the writer lived, which is open to the public.  Here, she spent the last eight years of her life, revising earlier manuscripts, writing new works.

Screen shot 2017-05-06 at 15.40.46.png

This is the 200th anniversary of Jane’s death, and so there are many special events on offer.  These include an exhibition of “41 objects” celebrating her life.


Tuesday 20 June is a once-a-year opportunity to visit the house and gardens in a summer evening.  Tickets are only £8 each and includes access to the house as well as parts of the house not usually accessible to visitors.  Book now at:


Saturday 24 June, afternoon, there will be a presentation and talk by a BBC producer, about how Jane Austen’s works have been made and shown on the BBC.  So if you have ever enjoyed seeing her work on the small screen, this will repay an early booking.

For example, Mr D’arcy’s wedding proposal which is more like a series of insults:


If you can’t visit in person, you can still purchase from the online museum shop:


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