I want to be exhibited! if only…..

Brooklyn Art Library keeps a collection of sketchbooks submitted by drawers/painters like yourself.  You, yes you.  They take them and exhibit them for you.  Yes, you.

Sign up by January 5th, 2018 for next year’s challenge.

Send a sum of money to get a sketchbook sent to you, fill it, return.

2018 themes to choose from are: Underwater, This is now that it seems, Textures, Lines and Graphics, Long stories with short endings, A Comic Book ending, Connections, People I wish I knew, No Worries, Tacos.

What does it even look like?

Here are a couple of books sent by one illustrator, Clare Hemingsley

who enjoyed it so much, she did the project challenge again the following year:

Looking for a challenge in 2018?  This could be it.

Fancy an unusual line on your artistic cv?

Just want someone to see what you make, because you think it’s actually good?

This could be IT.  Apply.


Lighter Monday: Doodles

Some doodles to practice to brighten your paperwork? Cartoonist Stephan Pastis, draws characters he’s created:

Seeing them drawn from scratch, bigged up, may help to doodle your own characters.

Today’s creative prompt is “Right”. How about putting a new character of your own into a situation using that word?

Creative Prompts for August

Feel you want to write or draw something, but just not sure what to tackle, today?  Or want fresh warmup challenges?  Sketchbook Skool have given a challenge a day for August!

What do you mean – it’s a little bit late telling us this, August has started already?!  Do I hear dissension?  Verily, I raise a quizzical eyebrow.

But wait – let’s find the positive – you can start today and choose either the prompt for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of August.  Oh look – the challenge against today’s date is “First” – so that takes you to the first anyway!!

Right: pencils sharpened, favourite writing pen aloft, knitting needles at stun-ningly gorgeous, or whatever creative tools you wish…… and GO!


Learn to draw WITHOUT talent

The whole point about Danny Gregory’s course is that even if you can think you have no art talent – yet he can teach you how to draw, in 26 video lessons.  (NB Lessons have a 20% reduction only if booked this week – advert popped up on my soc media feed 20 mins ago)

“Learning to draw is like learning to drive a car,” Danny says. “You just need a few basics and a bit of practice.”


Painting after Stroke – Andrew Marr

Exhibition opening 15 June in Liverpool at the Corke Gallery (til end of July) – paintings by Andrew Marr, the former BBC political editor.  These paintings were made after his stroke, when his style changed from representational to vivid coloured mostly nonrepresentational or still life. Artworks are priced from £375 upwards, with proceeds going to the Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury.

Screen shot 2017-05-14 at 22.36.45.png

before the stroke

Screen shot 2017-05-14 at 22.38.01.png

after the stroke

“My temperament has loosened up since the stroke – I’m very aware that we’re only on this planet for a very short period of time – I am much less tolerant of losing a day or losing an hour – I want to be in the moment and therefore when it comes to painting, I want to be more extreme.”

At the point of choosing a career, Andrew Marr could have gone to Art School but chose journalism, so he has a lifelong interest in art.  Using his journalistic and intelligent mindset, Andrew made a documentary about his stroke experience called “Me and my brain”.  There is a short video clip from it viewable on the UK BBC website at:


In this clip, you can see him at his neighbour (Zandra’s) house where she lets him use one room as his painting studio.