Learn to draw WITHOUT talent

The whole point about Danny Gregory’s course is that even if you can think you have no art talent – yet he can teach you how to draw, in 26 video lessons.  (NB Lessons have a 20% reduction only if booked this week – advert popped up on my soc media feed 20 mins ago)

“Learning to draw is like learning to drive a car,” Danny says. “You just need a few basics and a bit of practice.”

Details of the course (cost SPECIAL: 20% off this week! $25 plus VAT for EU residents.) is here:



If you’re still not sure, there are many videos by Danny Gregory and other associate tutors for the slightly more advanced Sketchbook Skool series.  Yes, you do have to do the drawings but his way of working is a little time but often, to fit drawing into a busy life.

The bonus, of course, is that learning to draw teaches you to give time and attention to things, which helps with the other arts.

There is some similarity with Danny Gregory’s existing books, which are reviewed by Teoh Yi Chie, who generously flicks through the books as he talks, so that you really get a feel for the course (see 4’33 mins vid):


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