What art do animation artists love to make?

Blog post from commaand.co on “Moonshine” a book of 49 animators and the work they make privately for themselves.

Getting in Creative Flow – Stephan Pastis

Cartoonist Stephan Pastis tells us (in under 3 minutes) how he gets in the creative flow for his work: He noticed that when he writes emails, he can’t do it when there’s music playing – so worked out that his reasoning mind is shut off by the music.  So, to use the other side ofContinue reading “Getting in Creative Flow – Stephan Pastis”

How to get your cartoon into the New Yorker magazine

Bob Mankhoff gives a (21 minutes) TED talk on what cartoons are likely to be the accepted 18 out of 1,000 sent in, weekly.  As cartoon editor, he is the man who chooses which few make the cut. Bob himself was once an aspiring cartoonist who wanted to have his cartoons in the New YorkerContinue reading “How to get your cartoon into the New Yorker magazine”

Response to “Workout” prompt

Here is my doodle animation inspired by the word “Workout.”  Don’t blink or you’ll miss it; don’t turn up the sound, it’s silent. It’s very brief and simply made on mobile phone. It seems to be that I’m getting slower and slower to respond to the prompts.  I wonder how you are getting on withContinue reading “Response to “Workout” prompt”

Loyalty and Kindness – Drawn IN (Carole Bury)

  http://cheltenhamgroupartists.org/gallery_657235.html#photos_id=13772077   Both a beautiful statement and illustration, by artist Carole Bury.  You can see more of her work on her website http://www.carolebury.com.  She works through fine art, paper, textiles, drawings, often with the subject of birds and flight and associated emotions of joy and release. “As my pencils and charcoal dance and skitterContinue reading “Loyalty and Kindness – Drawn IN (Carole Bury)”