Julia Child: Photo portrait of a cook

This is a review of a book review (?!) jampacked with 1950s Paris culture and glamour, culinary groundbreaking history, Julia Child, romance and gorgeous photography.


The book is “France is a Feast”, and tells the story of Julia Child, with photos by her deeply enamoured husband, Paul Child, who was also an excellent photographer.  The book text is written by Julia’s biographer and nephew, Alex Prud’homme, the photos collected by photography curator Katie Pratt, whose parents were close friends of Paul and Julia Child, so there’s a clear and close link between the writers and their subjects.

A well-written book review makes you want to rush to your local bookshop or library (depending on your budget)



Norway Scotland Mosaic – Line Mortensen

Have you seen mosaics by Line Mortensen?  Line was born in Norway, now lives and works in Scotland, and uses many different materials in her work: French tiles, Italian smalti, slate, Scottish sea glass, semi precious stones…

mosaic-subcat-1.jpgThese create dazzling colours and gorgeous texture in her pieces – they are very sculptural and richly rewarding for the eyes.

As well as a few mosaic wall pieces per year, she also makes jewellery with mosaics or sea glass or tile (see pendants below).

If you’d like to see more of Line’s works, follow her on Facebook, and keep an eye out for her colourful stall:

Stall 2014-1.jpg

You can see more of Line’s designs and story over at her website:

Line will be exhibiting 27-29 October this year at York Racecourse,YO23 1EX, England at “Art&”.


Who were those masked musicians?

For a fascinating study of how two musicmakers, Daft Punk,  began and continued a successful joint musical career, while maintaining their work the way they wanted it to be…. this BBC documentary now on Netflix is a must-see.

This official trailer gives only a mild taste for the strength of the story and music:

Because of their unique work method, sound and publicity/marketing, this is also a slice of music history.  Along the way, we hear from so many hugely creative and famous people in the music industry – do not miss it.  Nile Rogers and Pharrell Williams, Giorgio Moroder, record label executives….

A must for any wouldbe musician performer.

An interesting quote from one of their collaborators, repeating something apparently well known: “Give a man a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”