3 minutes -Writing Tips: Cory Doctorow

In just 3 minutes, Cory gives a handful of useful tips for writing:   these include: write 250 words a day (approx 1 page) and that will be the length of a novel, over a year train yourself to write anywhere and everywhere, resist developing a particular place and circumstances before you write write evenContinue reading “3 minutes -Writing Tips: Cory Doctorow”

A L Kennedy – what good writing is

Listening to “The Verb” BBC Podcast (episode 3 Feb 2018) on writing, yesterday, on a bus, I was astonished and captivated by comments on writing, by A L Kennedy:   What a writer should write: “From the writer’s point of view, if you’re not saying what it’s burningly necessary for you to say, absolutely toContinue reading “A L Kennedy – what good writing is”

Guest Post: 15 tips for a successful long distance relationship

Today’s guest post is used with permission from Monte Celia Parker – Caio, Monte! – who wrote this post for her personal blog, while studying Italian in Bologna, 4,000 miles from her boyfriend.  What she recommends for maintaining a good relationship longdistance is personal, but I thought there were enough great ideas to be worth repeating,Continue reading “Guest Post: 15 tips for a successful long distance relationship”