“They give pause”

I found a beautiful tiny poem/book at my recent visit to the Scottish Poetry Library. Poems for All make tiny little beautiful books with a gorgeous picture and one brief poem inside.  See them being made in this short poem, as their producer (a bookshop owner) describes why he does this – and how.  HeContinue reading ““They give pause””

The Look Book: BBC Great British Bakeoff

Who draws those beautiful drawings which appear before a bake, to show what the maker is aiming for?  Tom Hovey.  Who stumbled into the job by accident, being in the right place at the right time. The BBC have dedicated a page to his work, and it is luscious http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/4fr6jXM3XQpXG9sc8t0tQH/meet-the-great-british-bake-off-illustrator-tom-hovey  

HaNDleTteRINg (11 mins video)

  Danny Gregory launched SketchBook Skool (online fun drawing school). Here, he shows and flicks through a shelfload of inspiring resources, then gets on with doing his own alphabet with dip pen and ink. If you have ever wondered what books to get a graphics friend for Christmas…. look and learn, people, look and learnContinue reading “HaNDleTteRINg (11 mins video)”

Corita Kent documentary

Wise words – creating and analyzing are different processes. Part of this documentary on Sister Corita, showing her teaching her students – her classes look like fun.  And especially the Happening she made out of open day at college, with parents/visitors, giving the most strait-laced looking people the most fun and absurd actions to do.Continue reading “Corita Kent documentary”

Sister Corita Kent

Great introductory video to Corita’s work – CBS Video (still from prog above): http://www.cbsnews.com/news/corita-kent-an-overshadowed-pop-art-icon/ In the last photo above, the video interviewer and a curator look at one of her posters, where she typically took a commercial slogan and let it be a jumping off part which helps think spiritually. ( She mixed contemporary logos,Continue reading “Sister Corita Kent”