Sister Corita Kent

Great introductory video to Corita’s work – CBS Video (still from prog above):

In the last photo above, the video interviewer and a curator look at one of her posters, where she typically took a commercial slogan and let it be a jumping off part which helps think spiritually. ( She mixed contemporary logos, slogans and Biblical references.)

“The Big G stands for goodness,” reads her 1964 serigraph, “For Eleanor Luber, here interviewed on an exhibition of Corita’s work: “It’s also one of the best examples for understanding the way that Corita Kent made prints -I mean, this is a very household slogan. But she does subvert it just ever so slightly by not finishing the word ‘goodness.’

“You start to meditate on the idea of what G stands for. Is it goodness? Is it good? Is it God? Is it something else?”


Upcoming exhibitions of Corita Kent’s work can be seen on her official website:



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