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Health and Safety at Work: Newsletters

For confined office and factory spaces, consider using digital media for office newsletters.

From “The High Sign” (1921)


Health and Safety – handling Fire in an IT environment

Our Lighter Fridays posts on this blog have been concerned with health and safety protocol – but what IF a fire has already broken out?  Simply deal with the matter in the calm and orderly way of an IT professional.  Moss, a programmer, will now demonstrate in this Channel 4 safety film:

Notice the need to preserve net etiquette with a politely worded email – as we all know, because email doesn’t include the usual facial clues of face-to-face conversation, it can be difficult to communicate clearly.

How else could Moss have worded the email?

Health and Safety at work: in the Bathroom

Friday – time for Health and Safety at work public awareness film.  And now to cover an area so lamentably left uncovered by Public Safety research: Health and Safety at work in the Bathroom.  Thankfully, a Mr Bernard Black and Manny (of Black Books bookshop) have been assisting our researchers with their enquiries.  Can you spot the 24 potential accidents waiting to happen in this demonstration of unique working practices?

No 1 is, of course, the rubber ducks on the shelf – which may plummet at any moment into the sandwich.  Which other potential hazards can YOU spot?

Lighter Friday: Safety with tools

Can YOU spot the 2 safety errors made by Reg Prescott, as he works in his DIY shed?!  (The character in this Friday’s ‘health and safety’ film – ahem – is created by Kenny Everett.)

As usual, please note the dangers you can spot, in the comments section on this blog post.  If they are not obvious at first, don’t panic, simply follow back through our Friday posts on Health and Safety at work, to look for some clues.


Health and Safety at Work – meetings

If you’ve got a meeting at work today, remember to be careful what you drink.  And pay attention to statistics.  Perhaps it’s time for a short health and safety film.


The captions at the end of the advert are in French and, translated mean:

“Statistically, 0% of Orangina drinkers have been attacked by a human canonball.  Stay safe: drink Orangina.”