Friday night is Health and Safety Night: Seating

Professor Mal Archaic: (dry, academic cough) “Excuse me.  I take my role as lecturer on Health and Safety upon this Blog, on the Friday evenings quite seriously.  This work is so vital that I am mystified as to why we do not have such films running every weeknight.  Anyhow.  Enough about me and my superblyContinue reading “Friday night is Health and Safety Night: Seating”

Amateur Hour tips for Weight Loss

If you’re feeling the need to lose a few pounds for the new year, you have my sympathies. I am very amateur at this process, but have found a few useful hints along the way. I am not a medical doctor nor qualified to be a weight loss counsellor – any weight loss programme shouldContinue reading “Amateur Hour tips for Weight Loss”

*Well-worth viewing TV prog

The excellent documentary on politics and painting: “Andrew Marr on Churchill: Blood, Sweat and Oil Paint” is being repeated on BBC i-Player at the moment.  It will be of interest to art historians, researchers into WW2 and people who, like Churchill, are keen amateur painters (he painted over 500 canvases) or, like Andrew Marr, recoveringContinue reading “*Well-worth viewing TV prog”

A sigh is just a sigh…..

plenty of unspoken words in this classic film scene from “Casablanca”. Sighs is a fascinating topic, I found, as I accidentally switched on the radio on Monday in time to hear the 30 minute Radio 4 programme “The Sigh” by poet Imtiaz Dharker. Particularly interesting to me was her interview with Naya Tsentourou (anContinue reading “A sigh is just a sigh…..”