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“Civil discourse… quilts and films are ways to do that”

Ken Burns, well-known American film-maker, recently revealed that in a lifetime of making films for other people, he was quietly collecting quilts, for his own enjoyment. Then he let them go on public show, at The International Quilt Study Center and Museum. The whistle-stop tour in under 2 minutes. And for the threads enthusiasts – the 10 minute version – which also features great footage … Continue reading “Civil discourse… quilts and films are ways to do that”

Mondrian in neo-Calvinist view

There’s been a lot of looking back over 100 years, to the just-post World War 1 in this blog – Paul Nash, Russian Revolutionary Art, and although I haven’t written it up yet, I’ve been pondering on 1917 poetry with Wilfred Owen meeting Siegfried Sassoon).

The painter Piet Mondrian, key to development of abstract art – also goes through changes in his artwork around the same time.  Recently, I went to a lecture by Edinburgh University on “Classic Mondrian in Neo-Calvinist View” by Joseph Masheck, art historian.  (If I began describing his titles, publications and positions held, it would take too long – google him).

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Iconic Photo: 1957 Milk drop – Harold Edgerton

An engineer who yet had an eye for a beautiful photo – Harold Edgerton pushed the boundaries of super fast photography, so we could see the motions of liquids and other natural things in beautiful, slow motion. With today’s extremely fast shutter cameras, we can try and set goals of taking photographs in motion – something which happens faster than the human eye can register … Continue reading Iconic Photo: 1957 Milk drop – Harold Edgerton

*Worth Viewing TV: Wimbledon begins!

So the annual tennis fest which is Wimbledon Tournament begins today – in the UK, TV coverage starts at 11.30 am. But if you’ve got interest in the history of the tournament or fond memories of watching it over the years – then do make space to catch up with a BBC i-player documentary.   http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08xdgvx/sue-barker-our-wimbledon This programme aired yesterday, as a runup to the … Continue reading *Worth Viewing TV: Wimbledon begins!

Iconic Photo 1885: the Hand of Mrs Wilhelm Rontgen

 Dr Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen didn’t just ask his wife for her hand in marriage…. he photographed it as an x-ray.  This is the first medical x-ray photograph.  His work won him the first Nobel Physics prize. His wife saw it in a more philosophical light: “I have seen my death”, she said. From the series Times 100 Photos: the most influential images of all time. … Continue reading Iconic Photo 1885: the Hand of Mrs Wilhelm Rontgen