Paolozzi quote for Creatives

the importance of visiting national art galleries when you're a creative, quote by Paolozzi


“Civil discourse… quilts and films are ways to do that”

quilt, Ken Burns, video, documentary

Ken Burns, well-known American film-maker, recently revealed that in a lifetime of making films for other people, he was quietly collecting quilts, for his own enjoyment. Then he let them go on public show, at The International Quilt Study Center and Museum. The whistle-stop tour in under 2 minutes. And for the threads enthusiasts …

Iconic Photo: 1957 Milk drop – Harold Edgerton An engineer who yet had an eye for a beautiful photo - Harold Edgerton pushed the boundaries of super fast photography, so we could see the motions of liquids and other natural things in beautiful, slow motion. With today's extremely fast shutter cameras, we can try and set goals of taking photographs in motion …