Friday Health & Safety: Mount Everest Expedition by Monty Python

Monty Python comedy

Yes, Patrons, in 2018, back without popular demand: Friday night is Health and Safety Film Night at this particular blog circus tent. Tonight: Monty Pythons, Hairdressers and Mountaineering


Review: Neil Brand Presents Buster Keaton

silent movie, clown, Buster Keaton, Neil Brand

Last night, I went to see a Buster Keaton movie, ably accompanied by his musical partner for the evening: Neil Brand. It was an early Christmas treat for me - and it was terrific in that quiet, enjoyable way of being served a delicious meal, where every course is a delight, but the chef isn't …

“Sorry I’m late – it’s because…..

When you need to explain your lateness, remember some simple ways to describe WHY you were delayed unavoidably, due to no fault of your own: 1. The traffic was crazy   2. The traffic cop was crazy 3. My servant was too slow with the coconuts (King Arthur with his serf in …

It’s Raining, dancing

It’s raining stair-rods and chairlegs, it’s raining candelabra and microwaves... It’s raining jellyfish, it’s raining nuts, bolts and pineal glands, it’s raining a legion of fly noyades, it’s raining marsupials and echnidae, it’s raining anoraks in profusion. It’s siling, it’s spittering, it’s stotting, it’s teeming, it’s pouring, it’s snoring, it’s plaining, it’s Spaining. from the …

How to get a glowing book review BEFORE writing the book….

Yes, you can achieve a strongly positive book review before you have written a word of it...  IF you reply to an unimaginative scammer who has used the old ruse of pretending to be a friend who has lost his money overseas.  James Veitch shows us how, in a video of under 3 minutes.